Education: I firmly believe that the path a prosperous middle class starts with a strong public education system, and I strongly support a pay raise for our public school teachers. Learn more at my page dedicated to this important issue.

Roads, Transportation and Infrastructure: We have congested roads and a transportation system that cannot meet the demands of a growing population. Here's my plan to fix it.

Healthcare: Right now, our healthcare system often combines the worst of the public sector, bureaucracy, and the worst of the private sector, greed. We can do better, and here's how.

Gun Violence, Mental Health and Community Safety: Random acts of gun violence, committed by people with mental health problems, have become too common. We need common sense solutions to this pressing issue.

Affordable Housing: The cost to own a home has skyrocketed in Broomfield, Erie and Superior, putting home ownership out of reach for many families in our area. Here's how we can change that.

Energy Development and Fracking: Energy development and the issue of hydraulic fracturing is one of the most important issues impacting the communities of House District 33. We should have had this conversation twenty years ago, but let's have it now.