Gun Violence, Mental Health and Community Safety

Unfortunately, acts of random gun violence in Colorado, committed by people with mental health problems have become too common. That is why I supported the “Red Flag” proposal that was considered in the state legislature. The proposal would allow law enforcement officials and family members the option of going before a judge to temporarily remove guns from individuals who pose threats. This law is common sense and has the endorsement of the National Rifle Association because they agree that we need to stop dangerous people before they act.

As a former Federal Agent with the DEA I participated in a 6-month operation to decapitate the leadership of The Barrio Azteca’s, a Hispanic criminal gang that worked the borders of the United Sates and Mexico. I will not go into details into the unimaginable cruelty that this gang is capable of, but suffice to say this: “I do not want those kinds of people to have access to any type of firearm. Period.”