Energy Development and Fracking

I believe energy development and the issue of hydraulic fracking is one of the most important issues impacting the communities of House District 33. It is unfortunate in that we should have had this conversation twenty years ago. 

As a conservative it is natural for me to want to conserve our natural resources.  Conservatives conserve, that is what we do. We have to be champions of our natural resources for future generations of the unborn who cannot speak for themselves.

I have traveled and served in countries where there was not secure/clean water. Water is a valuable resource that is unappreciated until we do not have it then it becomes invaluable. Let us protect our water.

As a mountaineer who has summited the tallest peaks in both North and South America as well as spending a lot of solo time in the back country I have a love affair with the wilderness.  Yet I understand our reliance on fossil fuels and the process needed to get them.

Safety: From the Marine Corps to Law Enforcement to Real Estate construction, safety is the foremost factors in how we conduct our business. One can almost articulate that the most important role of government has in our lives is our safety. We need to make sure that our schools and families are safe from energy exploration and extraction. 

History has rewarded those societies who are early adopters of new sources of energy, whether from wood to coal to oil. By definition oil and gas as a fossil fuel will run out, the new wells have a short lifecycle. That is why there is encroachment into areas where people live in an effort to find more gas/oil.

Why not have the renewable energy conversation now? All options should be on the table, and I mean all options. Those conversation include visiting with the oil and gas companies and come up with a plan whereupon we can achieve the goals of our community, conserve our land and to help the oil and gas companies achieve their financials goals.