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Follow along for my thoughts and observations from the campaign trail...

I Support Proposition 112!

When it comes to protecting our community, I will answer to YOU, the voters, and not the oil and gas industry.


Human Services Alliance Forum

Last Friday I had an opportunity to speak at a forum held by the Human Services Alliance (HSA), a group of nonprofits with the intent of making life better for those in need in Boulder County.  One of the questions asked was, what is my non-profit experience and how has that influenced me?

My answer is below:

I am an active Rotarian. I was president of the Boulder Valley Rotary Club in 2014.  At any given time our Rotary has two or three overseas projects and we have an annual coat drive in Boulder County every year.

 The lessons that I have learned are significant. What I've learned is that the programs that work the best, and benefit the most, are programs that invested in people rather than “projects” or “things”. Those are the programs that to me were the most sustainable and effective. That will be the attitude I will bring to the State House.



John McCain

September 4th, 2018

I graduated from the same school as the late Senator John McCain, the United States Naval Academy. I remember us listening to stories about John McCain and Admiral James Stockdale and their days in prison in North Vietnam.

When an Arizona representative unexpectedly retired, McCain decide to run for that position. (McCain grew up in many locations and went to boarding school in D.C. as his father was a military man).

McCain's opponent questioned his qualifications and called him an "opportunist" and "not from the area."  McCain, who had served in the military until his late 30's and released from a five-year stint in a Hanoi jail as POW, where he was tortured repeatedly, replied: "I was busy doing other things. I wished I could have established residency here a long time ago. I've lived in Hanoi longer than anywhere else in my military career."

This is my favorite Senator McCain moment

My Marine Corps mentor was Colonel John Ripley, whose exploits in Viet Nam are famous. Our Superintendent was Rear Admiral Larson, he remembered my name when I was a 1st Lt in the United States Marine Corps three years after graduation. He identified me out of a group of military officers that was standing by, waiting for his procession to go by. That is how much he cared.

They are all gone now, strong leaders who were not afraid of anything. They prepared myself and my classmates well for our future careers in the Navy and the United States Marine Corps. We were taught and lived our lives by the Honor Code.