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Thanks to all those who've supported our campaign so far!

If elected these are my priorities and in order:

1. Health and safety: Keep oil and gas drilling away from residential neighborhoods and our water.

2. Environment: There is no planet B.

3. Fiscal Responsibility: Our current national debt is 25 trillion dollars. History is cruel to governments that cannot control their spending.

4. Quality Pre-kindergarten education: Best return on investment I know of financially and socially.

Make sure to drop off your ballot by November 6th!

This article that is on the cover of the Denver Post sums up the position of each of the candidates running for House District 33 on Proposition 112. I have been contacted by Democrats who do not believe I support Proposition 112, Republicans who cannot believe I support Proposition 112 and people in the oil and gas industry who are angry I support Proposition 112.

Proposition 112 is government at its best. Elected leaders have not listened to their voters and this is the voters pushing back at the grassroots level. Holding government accountable.

Proposition 112 is an environmental issue and how we approach this issue, to me, frames the big environmental issues we will face in the future.

Proposition 112 a is safety issue for our families and schools. It protects playgrounds, homes, schools, drinking water sources and other vulnerable areas designated by the state or a local government.

That is why I believe in Proposition 112: https://www.denverpost.com/2018/10/22/colorado-proposition-112-oil-gas-setbacks/

The number one purpose of government is to ensure the health and safety of its citizens. The State of Colorado has failed the citizens of Broomfield, Erie and Superior. My Democratic opponent has never come out strong against oil and gas and has even undercut Proposition 112 by not supporting it.

As a result, community organizations like Colorado Rising, Broomfield Clean Air and Water, and others have formed.

Crestone would like to put 30 wells between a Vista Ridge neighborhood in Erie and Anthem Ranch in Broomfield. Anthem Ranch is for citizens 55 and older, a segment of the population vulnerable to oil and gas drilling.

The question to be answered is: Which toxins and at what level will citizens be exposed to at various distances from each of the well pads (500 ft, 1,000 ft., 2,500 ft., 5,000 ft.) during different stages of the process including drilling, hydraulic fracturing, flow-back, and production?

When the investors have been paid and the oil and gas has been taken out of the ground, what are the long-term health consequences to the population living in our community?

My question is, why even take that chance?

Join me and support Proposition 112!

Proud to have the endorsement of Yellow Scene Magazine!

Local publications like Yellow Scene are an important part of our community - they recognize the issues that are important to us like Proposition 112 and a passion for the environment, they've endorsed the candidates who speak for our values, and I'm honored to have made the list!

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We have to be champions of our natural resources for future generations of the unborn who cannot speak for themselves.

I support Proposition 112 which would move oil and gas operations a further/safer distance (2,500 feet up from 500/1,000 feet) from playgrounds and rivers.

I'm the only Republican, candidate or incumbent, who supports this Initiative in the state of Colorado.

I'm also the only candidate in this race for House District 33 who supports Proposition 112. This is an issue where our State Legislators need to be leaders, not followers, and that's why I'm willing to take a stance that goes against some in my party. 


Meet Eric

Eric Rutherford is running for State Representative because he believes that every person is of value to society and should have an opportunity to shine. His unique personal life and work experiences have shaped the principles that he believes in, and who he is as a person.

Government should promote the freedom of thought and expression. Eric believes that every child, regardless of their economic status, should have access to an affordable, quality pre-school education. He believes society should be able to provide access to lifelong education, for anyone who seeks it.

We can solve the problem of income inequality by recognizing that the strength of our society is built on the strength of the family and middle-class values. Eric also believes that the government is obligated to the best stewardship of our tax dollars.

Eric believes we all need to be protectors of our natural resources so that energy is available and affordable for future generations. He believes we need to secure clean water for all Coloradans. He believes we should study policies and actions at all levels of government to address the impacts of climate change.

Eric was raised in Boulder and graduated from Fairview High School where he played on two State Champion football teams. He went on to attend the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Demonstrating leadership at a young age, he served as captain of the football team. Following graduation, Eric served as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps and later became a graduate of the FBI Training Academy in Virginia, where again he served as class president.

Upon graduation from the FBI Academy, Eric served on the front lines battling international drug cartels and violent criminals as a Federal Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in El Paso, Texas. After working for the DEA Eric returned home to Colorado and earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Colorado in 2004. He now is a commercial real estate broker and investor.

Eric’s worldwide travels have given him a broad cross-cultural view of the world, and he is fluent in Spanish. Eric has served on several boards and councils at the Federal/Local/Professional and the Non -Profit level that include:

-       Federal Development Block Grant group

-       Downtown Management Commission

-       Three-year president of the Commercial Brokers of Boulder

-      Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow (BOHO)

Eric is very proud to be an active Rotarian. While president Past President of the Boulder Valley Rotary club his club supported a water project in Nicaragua as well as coat drive where approximately 4,000 coats were distributed to those who needed them.

A lifelong athlete with a strong love for the outdoors, Eric enjoys mountaineering and a variety of sports. In 2009, he was chosen to be on the U.S. Naval Academy 50-year anniversary football team and in 2015 he was inducted into the U.S. Naval Academy Athletic Hall of Fame. 

Eric currently lives in Boulder with his wife Brenda Esmeralda Alcaraz, formerly of Mexico, and their three children.



Education: I firmly believe that the path a prosperous middle class starts with a strong public education system, and I strongly support a pay raise for our public school teachers. Learn more at my page dedicated to this important issue.

Roads, Transportation and Infrastructure: We have congested roads and a transportation system that cannot meet the demands of a growing population. Here's my plan to fix it.

Healthcare: Right now, our healthcare system often combines the worst of the public sector, bureaucracy, and the worst of the private sector, greed. We can do better, and here's how.

Gun Violence, Mental Health and Community Safety: Random acts of gun violence, committed by people with mental health problems, have become too common. We need common sense solutions to this pressing issue.

Affordable Housing: The cost to own a home has skyrocketed in Broomfield, Erie and Superior, putting home ownership out of reach for many families in our area. Here's how we can change that.

Energy Development and Fracking: Energy development and the issue of hydraulic fracturing is one of the most important issues impacting the communities of House District 33. We should have had this conversation twenty years ago, but let's have it now.

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